Domingoa purpurea

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Americas, Central America, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico

Domingoa purpurea is a miniature epiphytic orchid, which originates from Guatemala and Mexico.

Domingoa purpurea is a miniature epiphytic orchid species that does not require a rest period to grow well.  So if the conditions you provide are constant, with sufficient light, water, and nutrients, this miniature orchid will grow well for you.

This Domingoa purpurea specimen is growing inside my Miniature Orchid BiOrbAir terrarium.  You can watch this orchid’s progress, right from when I first introduced this Domingoa purpurea specimen into my terrarium, in my BiOrbAir Review – Growing Miniature Orchids in the BiOrbAir, and in the trial and review instalments that follow.

Domingoa purpurea produces purple-pink inflorescences on long flower spikes.  The flowers open in succession.  Due to the length of Domingoa purpurea‘s flower spikes, this miniature orchid is not suitable for small terrariums.  You can see Domingoa purpurea in bloom in this terrarium update.

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