Doryopteris cordata

Family: Pteridaceae

Doryopteris cordata is an unusual, small tropical, tender fern that is ideally suited to growing in terrariums, vivariums, or bottle gardens.

Doryopteris cordata produces lobed fronds at the base of the fern, which form a low growing mound close to ground level.  These fronds look more like leaves than the fronds of a fern, but Doryopteris cordata produces fertile fronds that are much more ‘fern like’, these feather like fronds stand 15cm (6 inches) or so above the plant.  Doryopteris cordata has the common name of Antenna Fern because the taller fronds that this fern produces stand above the fern, held on clear stems, which make them look rather like an antenna!

Doryopteris cordata grows well in fertile, moist, but well-drained soils that are not allowed to dry out too much.  Doryopteris cordata favours a semi-shaded position, away from hot or harsh, bright lights.  For best results, grow in a very humid protected environment, away from cold temperatures, and harsh light.

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