Dwarf French Bean ‘Ferrari’

Family: Fabaceae

Dwarf French bean ‘Ferrari’, also known by the botanical name of Phaseolus vulgaris, is a dwarf bean cultivar that produces white flowers, which are followed by green pods or beans.  This is a great choice of plant to grow in a container of peat-free compost.

I chose to grow French bean ‘Ferrari’ during my 2016 Peat Free Compost Trial.  This dwarf French bean cultivar tends to produce its harvest of beans all at once, or certainly within a very short period of time – usually a couple of weeks.

If you’re looking for a regular harvest of beans throughout the summer months, but you’re keen to try this variety of dwarf French bean, you can achieve a continual harvest by sowing your bean seeds in succession.  Make small, regular sowings every week or two, or every month – if you prefer.  Sow seeds from April to July, to ensure you have a regular, or continuous supply of French beans.  These are tender plants that are killed by frosts or cold temperatures, wait until the end of May or until all risk of frost has passed before you sow seeds outdoors.

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