Epidendrum porpax

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Americas, Colombia, South America, Venezeula

Epidendrum porpax is an epiphytic orchid species that originates from Colombia and Venezuela, where this miniature sized plant can be found growing on trees in areas of humid forest.  Epidendrum propax has a naturally creeping habit, this orchid forms spreading plant mats, that clothe the areas of the oak and pine trees that this orchid grows upon.

Epidendrum porpax is a fairly tolerant, easy going orchid, however this miniature orchid species favours intermediate to warm temperatures, with bright, filtered, diffused light, and high humidity.  Epidendrum porpax enjoys a slightly drier winter period in its native environment, so for best results reduce the dose of water you apply to your plants during the winter time, to ensure that your plants have dried out somewhat by nightfall.

Epidendrum porpax can be grown mounted onto cork bark, or grown in a container filled with a speciality orchid compost, comprised of large pieces of bark.

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