Erigeron annuus

Family: Asteraceae

Countries: Canada, Central America, Costa Rica, North America, Panama, South America

Erigeron annuus is a charming plant which is sometimes called Tall Fleabane.  In the UK, Erigeron annuus plants produce tall sprays of small white-petalled, yellow-centred daisies from June to the end of October (early summer to early autumn).  These plants display a relaxed and floaty air, which is always welcome in my garden.  Erigeron annuus has that gorgeous meadowy vibe!  Plants have a naturally open habit, which allows us many opportunities to see what other plants are growing amongst them.

Erigeron annuus plants can grow either as annuals, biennials, or short-lived perennials – it all depends on how the individual plant has been cultivated and where it has been grown.  Erigerons will self-seed around happily.  If you would rather your plants didn’t propagate themselves – simply dead-head your plants’ flowers as they fade – to curtail your plants from extending their territory further into your garden.

Plant Erigeron annuus in full sunshine, in any well-drained soil.  These plants thrive in light, sandy soils and free-draining loam.  Avoid planting Erigeron annuus in wet and waterlogged soils, or gloomy, shaded positions.

Erigeron annuus will grow up to around 1.5m (5ft) tall.  These plants spread around 50cm (1.5ft) wide, but this varies a little, depending on the individual plant’s growing conditions.

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