Erigeron karvinskianus

Family: Asteraceae

Countries: Americas, Central America, Mexico, North America, Panama

Erigeron karvinskianus is a dear little herbaceous perennial plant, that originates from Mexico.  One of this plant’s common names is Mexican fleabane, it’s also known as the Mexican daisy.  This is a small herbaceous perennial, that forms spreading, mat-like, low growing, slightly tangled plants, with small green leaves.  Erigeron karvinskianus grows up to around 15cm (6 inches) in height.  These dainty plants produce hundreds of flowers, which open as white petaled, yellow centred daisies.  The petals turn pink, as the flower ages, so the plants display both pink and white flowers simultaneously, which looks very pretty indeed.

I am such a fan of this dear little daisy.  It was love at first sight for me, and that love has lasted – I am just as charmed and delighted by Erigeron karvinskianus now, as I was when first we met.  I love how this daisy can seemingly grow anywhere; this is a super plant to grow in cracks between paving slabs, to spill over and around walls, to add flowers to rockeries, containers, and hanging baskets.

This darling plant, when it’s established is very drought tolerant; the plants in my garden never need watering, which is such a blessing!  Erigeron karvinskianus really is a blessing; plants soften hard edges and bestow beauty and joy wherever they grow.

Erigeron karvinskianus flowers are a popular source of pollen and nectar for many tiny species of solitary bee.  Even without any dead-heading, this little plant has a long flowering season.  If you deadhead your plants, by giving them a haircut when they have been in bloom for a few months, your Erigeron karvinskianus plants will go on to produce even more flowers, thereby extending the flowering season.  You don’t need to be precise, simply trim your plants back to around half their original size, it only takes a moment.

Plant Erigeron karvinskianus in any well-drained soil.  Choose a location where your Erigeron karvinskianus plants will be able to bask in the sunshine or where your plants can enjoy dappled shade.  Plants will self seed happily; Erigeron karvinskianus plants pop up in and around walls, paving slabs, beds, and borders.  If you’re starting your plants from seed, use free-draining, peat-free compost or sow your seeds directly where you want your plants to grow.  If you’ve purchased a packet of Erigeron karvinskianus seeds, I find these seeds are best sown sown from April until the end of June.  In my garden, I scatter the seeds around whenever I notice them, but it’s wise to sow Erigeron karvinskianus seeds at their optimum sowing time if your seed supply is limited.

Erigeron karvinskianus plants are hardy down to around -15C (5F).

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