Ficus pumila ‘White Sunny’

Family: Moraceae

Countries: Asia

Ficus pumila ‘White Sunny’ is a variegated climbing plant that grows as an epiphyte – this plant grows upon other plants – rather than in the soil or compost.  This climber grows very well when it’s grown mounted on to cork or another structure.  Ficus pumila ‘White Sunny’ can grow over and provide leafy cover that an ideal backdrop for a terrarium or vivarium.  Ficus pumila ‘White Sunny’ can also grow across other structures, as this plant is great at attaching itself to almost any surface – I am always amazed at how this plant’s clinging roots can secure themselves to smooth surfaces – even glass, with ease.

Ficus pumila ‘White Sunny’ can tolerate growing in low light levels for a little while.  These plants can grow in a shaded environment and seem fine at first, but then a few months later the plant is likely to drop leaves and fall into a serious decline.  Don’t let this put you off, as it’s easy to grow Ficus pumila ‘White Sunny’ successfully once you have the right growing conditions.  This climbing plant requires a brightly lit environment, a room that’s blessed by bright, indirect light.

It’s not just the lighting that matters, Ficus pumila ‘White Sunny’ requires a very humid growing environment.  Ficus pumila ‘White Sunny’ plants will flourish inside terrariums, vivariums, and bottle gardens.  This plant loves growing in a moist environment.  If your Ficus pumila ‘White Sunny’ plants are struggling, ensure that they are growing in a very humid, moist environment, in a bright room (or under LED lights), where your plants are protected from harsh, direct light.

If you’re growing Ficus pumila ‘White Sunny’, and you’re fond of this plant, I’d advise you to take cuttings on a regular basis, so that you’ll always have back-up plants in case yours fade, as Ficus pumila ‘White Sunny’ is not usually a very long lived plant.

Ficus pumila ‘White Sunny’ is a tender plant.  This plant could be grown outside for a short holiday outdoors, during warmest part of the summer time, once temperatures were warm enough, but Ficus pumila ‘White Sunny’ is a tender plant, which will be killed by low temperatures.  Ficus pumila ‘White Sunny’ is best grown inside, as a houseplant or terrarium plant during spring, autumn, and winter – if not all year round.

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