Fittonia albivenis Argyroneura Group

Family: Acanthaceae

Countries: Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru

The common name of plants from the Fittonia albivenis Argyroneura Group is the nerve plant, this name refers to the Fittonia’s leaves and their distinctive veining.  Fittonias thrive when they’re grown in a terrarium, as these plants require low to medium light levels and high humidity to flourish.  When you’re looking to place your plants, avoid bright and sunny window sills, or locations where your plants will receive harsh, direct light.

Plants from the Fittonia albivenis Argyroneura Group can grow well as houseplants providing the plants are grown in steamy bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, or other rooms that will provide a sufficiently humid atmosphere with low level, indirect light.  Misting your plant regularly will also increase the humidity around your plant, which will help to provide a better growing environment for your Fittonia.

The Fittonia albivenis plant that you see pictured above is growing inside my BiOrbAir, you can see more photographs and find out how this plant is growing in my long-term review of the BiOrbAir.  This link will take you straight to the trial update and review which was written at the time that this Fittonia albivenis Argyroneura Group specimen was first planted inside this terrarium.  You can follow this Fittonia albivenis Argyroneura Group specimen’s growth and development in this, and the following trial review and updates.

Plants from the Fittonia albivenis Argyroneura Group require moist, but well drained compost, these plants thrive in high humidity, in a location that receives low level, indirect lighting.  In return, plants from the Fittonia albivenis Argyroneura Group will brighten your terrarium planting with their distinctive, variegated leaves, which have a lightness and luminescent glow to their colouring.

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