Fittonia albivenis (Verschaffeltii Group) ‘Joly Josan’

Family: Acanthaceae

Countries: Americas, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, South America

Fittonia albivenis (Verschaffeltii Group) ‘Joly Josan’ (PBR) is a small spreading, tender plant that thrives when it’s grown in a shaded location.  These plants flourish when grown in a moist, but well-drained, peat-free compost and thrive in a humid environment.  This Fittonia is an ideal bottle garden, terrarium, or vivarium plant.

Fittonia albivenis (Verschaffeltii Group) ‘Joly Josan’ (PBR) is a naturally creeping and spreading plant, that grows up to about 15cm (6 inches) in height.  The Fittonia’s characteristically spreading nature means that this plant’s width can eventually grow to be greater than you might expect but this is a slow growing plant, which can be easily divided and contained.

Fittonia albivenis (Verschaffeltii Group) ‘Joly Josan’ (PBR) requires a warm location, where temperatures are always above 13C (55F).  Ensure that you position your plant away from harsh or direct light.  Look for a shaded location or a position that receives bright, but filtered, indirect light.  This Fittonia favours growing in a humid environment, in moist, but well drained soil.  If you don’t want to go to the trouble to create a terrarium but really want to grow this Fittonia, you could try cultivating Fittonia albivenis (Verschaffeltii Group) ‘Joly Josan’ in a warm and steamy bathroom, or near an aquarium or indoor water garden.  Alternatively, grow your plants on a pebble tray topped up with water, or simply mist your plants every day.

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