Fittonia albivenis (Verschaffeltii Group) ‘White Tiger’

Family: Acanthaceae

Countries: Americas, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, South America

Fittonia albivenis (Verschaffeltii Group) ‘White Tiger’ (PBR) is an evergreen perennial.  This is a tender plant that’s suited to growing indoors as a terrarium, vivarium, or bottle garden plant.

Fittonia albivenis (Verschaffeltii Group) ‘White Tiger’ grows best when it’s planted in moist but well-drained soil or peat-free compost.  This is a tender plant that’s killed by frost and low temperatures; these plants need to grow in a warm (15C – 27C (59F to 80F)) room.  Fittonia albivenis (Verschaffeltii Group) ‘White Tiger’ will flourish in a humid environment and will happily grow in shade and low light levels.

If you don’t wish to plant your Fittonia albivenis (Verschaffeltii Group) ‘White Tiger’ plants inside a bottle garden, terrarium, or vivarium, then your best bet is to try growing this plant in a steamy bathroom.  Use a deep, waterproof tray.  Fill the tray with pebbles, and top it up with water; then place your Fittonia albivenis (Verschaffeltii Group) ‘White Tiger’ plant’s container on top of the pebble tray.   Group Fittonia albivenis (Verschaffeltii Group) ‘White Tiger’ with other plants to create even more humidity and improve the growing conditions for your Fittonia.

Fittonia albivenis (Verschaffeltii Group) ‘White Tiger’ is a low-growing, spreading plant, which is attractive and easy to grow.  This is my favourite Fittonia.

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