Florence Fennel ‘Rondo’

Family: Apiaceae

Florence Fennel ‘Rondo’ is a superb cultivar that produces large, white, round fennel bulbs, which are delicious eaten raw or cooked.  In my garden and at my allotment, I’ve found ‘Rondo’ is a reliable, easy to grow Florence Fennel hybrid which produces great tasting, swollen leaf bases, which are usually referred to as ‘bulbs’.

In a number of my Florence Fennel Trials, ‘Rondo’ has triumphed and produced the largest bulbs.  As well as attaining a substantial size, ‘Rondo’ delivers bulbs with a superb texture and flavour.

In the UK, we can sow Florence Fennel ‘Rondo’ seeds from the start of May through until the middle of July (late spring through to late summer).  This vegetable needs to be sown directly in the soil.  Please don’t try to move Florence Fennel plants – allow your plants to grow to full size in the space where you sow your seeds.  Florence Fennel isn’t suitable for growing in containers, it can’t be moved or transplanted.

Choose a bright and sunny location and sow Florence Fennel ‘Rondo’ seeds thinly in any well-drained soil.  I’ve carried out countless Florence Fennel Trials; I find that these vegetables thrive in sandy and silty soils.  To produce the best Florence Fennel bulbs, you need to give your plants the sunniest site possible; you’ll also need to water your plants three times a week, during times of drought.

Florence Fennel ‘Rondo’ is an F1 hybrid.

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