Dwarf French Bean ‘Red Swan’

Family: Fabaceae

French bean ‘Red Swan’ (Phaseolus vulgaris ‘Red Swan’) is a dwarf French bean cultivar.  These plants will grow up to around 30-50cm (1-1.5ft) tall.  I find French bean ‘Red Swan’ plants are usually a little too tall to grow in a container without at least few stakes or supports to prevent the plants from becoming annoying and lolling all over the place!

French bean plants are easily raised from seed.  Sow French Bean ‘Red Swan’ seeds in peat-free compost.  Sow your seeds under the protection and in the additional warmth of a glasshouse, during April to May (mid to late springtime), and from May to the end of July (late springtime to late summer), outside (in the UK).  For a regular and steady supply of French beans, sow a few seeds every week or two, from May to July.

Choose a warm, sunny spot for your French bean plants, as these vegetables thrive in bright light and warm temperatures.  Remember to water your plants regularly during periods of drought.  When planting, space your French bean ‘Red Swan’ plants 30cm (1″) apart, and allow 45c (18″) between each row of plants.  If you’re growing plants in a container, choose a large planter, with holes at the base, to allow water to escape out the bottom of the pot.

These French beans are tender vegetables that will need protection from cold weather both at the start and the end of the growing season, in the UK.

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