Fritillaria imperialis ‘Aurora’

Family: Liliaceae

Countries: Afghanistan, Asia, Europe, Himalayas, Iran, Iraq, Middle East, Pakistan, Turkey

Fritillaria imperialis ‘Aurora’ are statement plants with large vibrant orange coloured, pendulous flowers that really create impact in the garden.  Often referred to as Crown Imperials, these bulbous perennials form tall plants that reach up to around 1m (3.2ft) tall.

I’ve grown my Fritillaria imperialis ‘Aurora’ in large containers of peat-free compost.  I’ve found these Fritillaries to be strong and sturdy plants that haven’t required any staking or support.  My bulbs were planted and then left to their own devices – they form substantial plants that bloom in mid to late springtime.

If you want to grow Fritillaria imperialis ‘Aurora’, plant Fritillaria imperialis ‘Aurora’ bulbs anytime from late summer until mid-autumn.  Choose large-sized, firm bulbs that are free from damage or mould, and plant your bulbs as soon as you can after making your purchase.  Fritillaria imperialis ‘Aurora’ can be grown in garden beds and borders, or in containers filled with peat-free compost.  Choose a bright and sunny or partially shaded site.  When planting Fritillaria imperialis ‘Aurora’ make sure that you choose a position where the soil or compost is moist but well-drained; these bulbs don’t want to sit in wet or water-logged soils over winter, or they may rot.

My Fritillaria imperialis ‘Aurora’ bulbs were given to me by Dutch Grown.

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