Family: Amaryllidaceae

Countries: Asia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Middle East, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan

Garlic – also known by its botanical name of Allium sativum – is an easy to grow vegetable.  I simply adore growing garlic; home grown garlic tastes delicious!  I would heartily encourage you to give garlic growing a try.  This is an easy to grow vegetable with a fantastic flavour.  I love planting garlic in September, October, and November; for me, it feels so positive and exciting to see plants growing during autumn, winter, and springtime.

Many different garlic varieties are available to home gardeners.  Gardeners can grow garlics with a richer, more interesting, complex, delicious, or intense flavour than the garlic varieties that are offered for sale in the supermarkets.

Garlic has been grown for centuries.  It’s thought that garlic is a native plant of Iran and Central Asia, but most countries have been growing garlic for hundreds of years.  Garlic was prized by ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, Italians, and Romans.  The bible mentions garlic use; this vegetable has been used and enjoyed by many cultures, in a diverse range of dishes, served in almost every corner of the world.

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