Gastrochilus retrocallus

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Asia, Taiwan

Gastrochilus retrocallus is an orchid species that was previously known as Haraella retrocalla.  Gastrochilus retrocallus is a miniature, epiphytic orchid species, which originates from Taiwan.  This miniature orchid can be found growing upon trees in forests, at elevations ranging from 1000m to 2200m.

Gastrochilus retrocallus is a sequential blooming orchid, which can be almost always in bloom – making this plant an attractive acquisition, if you’re looking to purchase a miniature orchid.

The blooms of Gastrochilus retrocallus release a pleasant, but light citrus fragrance, which mimics the scent produced by the female beetle that pollinates this particular miniature orchid species.  Male beetles are attracted to Gastrochilus retrocallus flowers, due to this orchid flower’s mimicry, as the fragrance that the Gastrochilus retrocallus bloom produces, and the markings on the bloom itself, resemble a female beetle.  Consequently, this often results in the male beetle mistaking a Gastrochilus retrocallus bloom for a female beetle.  After the beetle’s unsuccessful attempt to mate with a Gastrochilus retrocallus flower, the male beetle moves on, making the same mistake with other blooms in the vicinity, thus pollinating the Gastrochilus retrocallus inflorescences in that area.

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You can see photographs of the Gastrochilus retrocallus plant inside my Orchidarium, in this update.

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