Geranium phaeum

Family: Geraniaceae

Countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Europe, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, Yugoslavia

Geranium phaeum is a hardy perennial plant that produces dark maroon coloured flowers, which provide valuable food for bees and butterflies.  Also known as the dusky cranesbill – this plant’s common name is quite apt, as this Geranium’s flowers really are a dusky colour.  Remove flowering stems as they fade, to encourage your plant into a longer flowering season.

Geranium phaeum grows to 80cm (2.6ft) tall, the leaves have dark markings which match rather nicely with its flowers.  This is a useful plant that thrives in almost any soil type and flourishes in sunshine or partial shade.  Plants die back in winter but they reliably grow up again in springtime.  Propagate by lifting and dividing your plants, in springtime.

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