Gladiolus ‘Prima Verde’

Family: Iridaceae

Gladiolus ‘Prima Verde’ is a large flowered gladiolus, with green-yellow florets that won’t fade in the sunshine, it has a signature fine purple stripe, which is most visible in the lower opened florets.

This elegant cultivar is perfect for gardeners and flower arrangers looking for something a little different to grow and admire.  Gladiolus ‘Prima Verde’ will stand out in the border, its flowers lasting longer than other Gladioli varieties.

Gladiolus ‘Prima Verde’ is superb as a cut flower and in floral arrangements.  Gladiolus ‘Prima Verde’ is virus free.

Height: 90cm (3ft)  Gladiolus grows from a corm, which will need to be lifted every year, and then replanted the following year.

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