Globe Artichoke

Family: Asteraceae

Countries: Africa, Albania, Algeria, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Europe, France, Italy, Libya, Madeira, Mediterranean, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia, Yugoslavia

Globe artichokes are a wonderful vegetable to grow, they look so beautiful and taste absolutely delicious!  A freshly harvested globe artichoke has an entirely different and far superior taste and texture to a shop bought globe artichoke.

Globe artichokes are easily raised from seed.  You can sow seeds directly in the ground, where you want your plants to grow, or start your seeds off in containers.  I have found that I achieve a slightly higher success rate from seed started in pots, but both methods are simple and effective.  Sow seeds from March to the end of April, using a peat-free growing medium.  I have sown seeds in May and the plants have grown on OK, albeit with a lower success rate, but the optimum time for sowing seeds to raise the best plants, is from March to the end of April.

Plant globe artichokes in well drained soil, in a location that enjoys full sun to partial shade.  Once your globe artichoke plants are established, you can remove offsets or divide plants to create new plants.

Ants love globe artichokes.  If you look closely, you’ll often see ants marching up and down the stems of globe artichoke plants, often farming aphids.  The ants don’t do any harm – they’re nothing to worry about.

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