Goeppertia veitchiana ‘Medaillon’

Family: Marantaceae

Countries: Americas, Ecuador, South America

Goeppertia veitchiana ‘Medaillon’ makes a magnificent houseplant.  This exotic beauty produces these absolutely gorgeous oval leaves that feature stunning patterns of exquisite variegation; they remind me of the mesmerising images I saw through my kaleidoscope, during my childhood.  The undersides of this Geoppertia’s leaves are just as striking, with their deep plum coloured backing.

This plant originates from Ecuador, it thrives in the warmth inside our homes.  Goeppertia veitchiana ‘Medaillon’ is a tender plant that favours an environment where the temperature won’t drop below 15C (59F).  I’d say that the absolute minimum temperature would be 12C (53F).  This isn’t a plant for a cold porch or conservatory, Goeppertia veitchiana ‘Medaillon’ is most suited for growing in rooms with fairly consistent, warm temperatures.

Goeppertia veitchiana ‘Medaillon’ flourishes in humid environments; it’s a great choice of plant to grow in a warm and steamy bathroom.  If you’re considering growing Goeppertia veitchiana ‘Medaillon’ in your lounge, bedroom, or another room which has a drier atmosphere, you can increase the humidity levels around your plant by misting it with water or placing your plant on a saucer of pebbles that’s regularly topped up with water.  Growing Goeppertia veitchiana ‘Medaillon’ in a group, alongside other houseplants will really help to increase the humidity levels.

This is quite versatile plant in terms of light levels.  Avoid harsh direct light at all costs, as this may damage the plants leaves.  Look for a position where your Goeppertia veitchiana ‘Medaillon’ plant will be bathed in bright, soft light.  These plants will also grow in partial shade.

During the growing season, Goeppertia veitchiana ‘Medaillon’ will require frequent, regular waterings; however, in wintertime, plants can be kept a little drier.  Provide your plants with some tomato feed, every few weeks, during the summertime.

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