Goeppertia warscewiczii

Family: Marantaceae

Countries: Americas, Central America, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama

Goeppertia warscewiczii is a handsome tender plant that hails from the tropical rainforests of Central and South America.  This Goeppertia produces absolutely fabulous, velvety, bottle-green coloured leaves, which are beautifully enhanced by their jade-green variegation, and nicely set off by the leaf’s contrasting claret-coloured undersides.  With regular care, warm, even temperatures, high humidity levels, and bright, filtered lighting, this stunning plant will grow successfully inside our homes.

My Goeppertia warscewiczii can be seen in my photograph above.  I’ve found that these plants are ideally suited to growing in warm rooms with bright but soft, filtered lighting.  Choose a room or a position for Goeppertia warscewiczii that tends to be brighter in the morning; as sunlight tends to be gentler in the mornings.  Avoid rooms that are baked by sunshine in the afternoon, as afternoon sunshine, tends to be harsher and might scorch this Goeppertia’s leaves.  If the only room you can offer is brightest in the afternoon, take care to position your plant nearer the back of the room, away from the window; perhaps in a slightly shadier corner?  Choose a location where your plant won’t encounter any intense direct light.

This plant won’t thrive in a spot that’s exposed to cold (or hot) draughts; so avoid positioning Goeppertia warscewiczii near an exterior door, a fireplace, stove, heater or oven.  Goeppertia warscewiczii prefers steady and consistent temperatures, without sudden temperature changes or fluctuations.

As a rainforest plant, Goeppertia warscewiczii thrives in a very humid atmosphere.  For this reason, when deciding on where to place this plant steer clear of radiators, heaters, or rooms with a drier atmosphere.  To improve the humidity levels around your plant, group Goeppertia warscewiczii together with other plants and mist your plants regularly.  Another solution is to grow Goeppertia warscewiczii on top of a pebble tray, topped up with water.  Ensure that you place an upturned saucer or something over the pebbles and then sit your plant on top to prevent your plant’s compost from continually taking up water, as this would be detrimental for your Goeppertia.   Grown in an area that enjoys bright but filtered light accompanied by high humidity levels and regular watering, Goeppertia warscewiczii will reward you with healthy leaf growth.

I’ve not wanted to expose my Goeppertia warscewiczii plant to too cold temperatures, as I didn’t want to risk losing my plant just to discover how hardy it is – so I’ve not tested this plant too harshly.  However, I’d say that it would be advisable to avoid placing Goeppertia warscewiczii in rooms where the temperatures could fall below 14C (57F).  Warmer daytime temperatures of 18C (65F) and above would be preferable.

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