Family: Boraginaceae

Countries: Americas, Peru, South America

Heliotrope, or Heliotropium, as is its official botanical name, are a larger group of flowering plants than you might perhaps expect, consisting of tender annuals and perennials, shrubs, and sub shrubs.

Heliotropes are usually thought of as flowering plants with dark purple flowers, but Heliotropes can also be white flowered, and there are many different tones and shades of purple flowers that are produced by the plants within this genus.  Heliotrope flowers also differ between plants as they can be produced in a number of different shapes and sizes.  Heliotrope ‘Midnight Sky’ produces dark purple flowers which have a fragrance akin to that of a freshly baked cherry pie – which really is quite delicious!  Some cultivars are more fragrant than others.

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