Hemionitis arifolia

Family: Pteridaceae

Countries: Asia

Hemionitis arifolia is a particularly gorgeous species of miniature fern.  This small, but magnificent fern produces deep green, glossy, heart-shaped fronds, which are held on very dark coloured thin and wiry stems.  This really is such a handsome looking fern!

Hemionitis arifolia flourishes when it’s grown in evenly moist compost, as this fern doesn’t want the compost around its roots to become too dry.  This fern favours being grown in a very humid environment, where the fern will receive filtered, diffused light.  This is a tender fern, that grows both as an epiphyte – when it grows upon other plants, or is grown mounted onto a piece of cork bark, as well as growing terrestrially – when this fern is planted in the soil or planted in a container.

Hemionitis arifolia makes such a wonderful terrarium, vivarium, or bottle garden plant.  This fern can also be grown as a houseplant.  However you grow your Hemionitis arifolia plants, take care to keep your fern’s compost evenly moist.  For best results, ensure that you place your Hemionitis arifolia fern in a position that’s well away from any harsh or direct sunlight.  Choose a spot where your plant will enjoy moderate, filtered and diffused light, and ensure that your fern’s growing conditions are kept very humid.  You could mist your plant with rainwater or deionised water to raise the humidity levels around your fern, or grow your plant close to an aquarium, or above a pebble tray or a saucer of water.  If you choose to grow your Hemionitis arifolia fern above a saucer of water, use an upturned, smaller sized saucer, inside a larger saucer to use to keep your fern’s pot just above the water level and take care to ensure your ferns roots are not continually wet, as this can encourage rot.

Hemionitis arifolia remains a compact fern, growing to a maximum of around 15cm (6 inches) tall.  Don’t let temperatures around your fern drop below a minimum temperature of 13C (55F).  Hemionitis arifolia originates from Asia.

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