Holcoglossum weixiense

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Asia, China, Yunnan

Holcoglossum weixiense is a species of epiphytic, miniature orchid, that originates from the Weixi area of the Yunnan Province, in the South West of China.  Here Holcoglossum weixiense can be found upon trees growing near rivers, in areas of evergreen, mountainous forest.  This miniature, epiphytic orchid species can be found growing in mountain areas that range from 2300 to 2900m above sea level.

Holcoglossum weixiense favours humid conditions, intermediate temperatures, and indirect, filtered light.  You can find out more about how my plant has grown over the past few years, in the links to my regular terrarium updates, which are listed below.

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