Hosta ‘Devon Green’

Family: Asparagaceae

Hosta ‘Devon Green’ is a truly gorgeous Hosta; in fact, this is probably my favourite Hosta.   Plants produce these rather wonderful, almost satiny leaves, with quite prominent veining.  This is such a handsome plant!  In late summer, Hosta ‘Devon Green’ produces lavender coloured flowers; I can’t remember the flowers producing any fragrance, but they are quite pretty, all the same.

A popular plant with garden designers, Hosta ‘Devon Green’ is a sport of Hosta ‘Halcyon’.  Plants grow to around 50cm (1.7ft) tall.

Although no Hosta is truly slug proof when it first appears in springtime, Hosta ‘Devon Green’ is quite a resilient Hosta; it’s not first choice for the slugs and snails in my garden.

This Hosta is happiest when it’s grown in partial shade, in moist, but well-drained soil.  These plants don’t want to be wet or waterlogged, but they don’t want to dry out, either.

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