Hosta ‘Hyuga-urajiro’

Family: Asparagaceae

Hosta ‘Hyuga-urajiro’ is a small sized Hosta, it’s a sport of Hosta ‘Kikutii’.  This is a very attractive Hosta, it produces very long and narrow, pointed leaves, which display unusual colourings, with contrasting lime green and blue-green, striped streaks. Hosta ‘Hyuga-urajiro’ makes for a delightful and rather striking herbaceous plant, it would be an ideal choice for a Japanese themed garden.

Hosta ‘Hyuga-urajiro’ grows to around 20cm-30cm (8inch-12inches) tall, and about 30cm- 40cm (12inch-15inches) wide.  Grow Hosta ‘Hyuga-urajiro’ in partial shade.

My advice would be to grow this long leaved Hosta, as a container plant, simply because Hosta ‘Hyuga-urajiro’ produces such attractive leaves, which can be displayed to best effect in a raised planter.  Use a peat free compost: I recommend using Dalefoot Composts Wool Potting Compost, topped with a mulch of Dalefoot Composts Lakeland Gold.  For information on potting up container plants, please click here.

Hosta ‘Hyuga-urajiro’ is grown for its absolutely fabulous leaves and for the graceful form this plant holds.  Although Hosta flowers are often overlooked, this Hosta produces flowers of the palest lilac-white colour, in June.

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