Hosta ‘Limey Lisa’

Family: Asparagaceae

Hosta ‘Limey Lisa’ produces heart shaped, rounded, spoon-like leaves, with a fresh lime green colour.  As the season progresses this Hosta’s leaves tend to become more leaf green in colour and less lime toned.  More of the essence of the lime colouring is retained by the leaves of plants that receive brighter growing conditions.  To retain the lime zest of your plant’s leaves, place your plant in a spot where your Hosta will be able to bask in the morning’s sunshine.  Afternoon, sunshine tends to be harsher, which isn’t what your Hosta would choose, so do ensure that your plants can enjoy time in the shade, in the afternoon.  Avoid harsh, direct sunshine, which may scorch your Hosta’s leaves, look instead for a location that enjoys partial or dappled shade.

Hosta ‘Limey Lisa’ produces pretty lavender coloured flowers, during June and July.  This is a good plant to place near plants with purple colouring, as lilac and purple really compliment and enhance this Hosta’s lime coloured leaves.

Hosta ‘Limey Lisa’ is a miniature sized Hosta, which grows to around 12cm (5 inches) tall, and 30cm (12 inches) wide, depending of course on your plant’s age, your soil type and the plant’s growing conditions.

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