Hosta ‘You’re So Vein’

Family: Asparagaceae

Hosta ‘You’re So Vein’ was produced from cross between a Hosta longpipes hybrid and Hosta ‘Blue Mouse Ears’.  This Hosta was a seedling developed by Tony Avent, from Plant Delights Nursery.  Plants produce thick, dark green coloured leaves, with leaf stalks that are tinged with a soft, rhubarb red tone, at their base.  The leaves are resilient, they stand proud, with a strong, firm stance.  When Hosta ‘You’re So Vein’ leaves first emerge in the springtime, they display a grey-green coloured veining, which reminds me a little of a pin striped suit; as the season progresses, this Hosta’s leaf veins become less grey and fade to become a soft lime green tone.

If you’re looking for a miniature Hosta that produces flowers that are good for bees, butterflies, and other pollinating insects, then Hosta ‘You’re So Vein’ is a plant to consider growing.  Plants flower from July to August, producing flowering stems that grow to around 18cm (7 inches) tall.  The flowering stems hold open bell-shaped blooms, in the palest shade of lilac; as the flowers age, the blooms pale in colour.  Hosta ‘You’re So Vein’ flowers have a very subtle colouration; the blooms are almost white – there’s just a hint of lavender.

This is a miniature Hosta that will always remain agreeable and won’t grow too large for your garden.  Plants grow to around 15cm (6 inches) tall, and 35cm (14 inches) wide.  Hosta ‘You’re So Vein’ is ideally suited to growing in pots and planters, use a good quality, peat-free compost.

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