Humata heterophylla

Family: Davalliaceae

Countries: Asia, Java, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Sulawesi, Thailand, Vietnam

Humata heterophylla is a very handsome fern.  I must admit that this one of my absolute favourite ferns – I simply love Humata heterophylla’s leaf-like fronds.  This is a tender, epiphytic fern species, that can be grown mounted onto a piece of cork, wood, or a branch.  Humata heterophylla thrives when raised in a very humid environment, in semi-shaded or shaded growing conditions.

I find that Humata heterophylla ferns are happiest growing in a very humid environment, with humidity levels of 80%RH, or higher, and regular misting.  This delightful fern flourishes in areas that enjoy soft light and indirect, low level light.  This charming fern grows at its strongest and best when it’s grown mounted onto cork bark and grown as an epiphyte.

Humata heterophylla is a low-growing, creeping, epiphytic fern species that grows and works well as a cultivated plant grown inside terrariums, vivariums, and orchidariums.  Providing this fern receives enough moisture it will rather beautifully cover the base, the sides, and the background of an enclosure.  Humata heterophylla will grow up and over any cork or similar material, and in doing so will greatly enhance any enclosure.

I just love Humata heterophylla; this epiphytic fern species is just so beautiful!  Humata heterophylla thrives when its grown in warm and humid environments, with filtered, diffused, low level lighting.  Avoid growing Humata heterophylla near harsh or bright lighting and steer clear of anywhere with dry growing conditions.  Humata heterophylla needs a continually moist and very humid environment to flourish.

If you cannot provide as humid an environment as Humata heterophylla requires to grow sufficiently well as an epiphyte; I have found that you can grow Humata heterophylla as a terrestrial fern, planted in soil or compost; providing your growing media isn’t too wet.  It’s important to ensure that you’re growing this fern in as humid an environment as is possible and you have provided your specimen with sufficient shade.  If your terrarium is very brightly lit, yet you want to grow Humata heterophylla, you’ll have the best chance to grow this fern if you grow it terrestrially or as an epiphyte, positioning your Humata heterophylla specimen at the base of your terrarium, where it can enjoy being shaded by the plants growing above.  The best quality, strongest Humata heterophylla plants are grown as epiphytes in warm, humid growing conditions, under soft and gentle lighting.

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