Humata repens

Family: Davalliaceae

Countries: Asia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan

Humata repens is a rather lovely species of fern, which originates from Indochina, Taiwan, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Humata repens is a dear little fern which grows to just 8cm (3 inches) tall.  This fern can be grown terrestrially – when it is grown planted in the soil or peat-free compost, or as an epiphyte, when this same fern is grown upon another plant, or grown mounted onto a piece of cork bark (or mounted onto a branch, or grown on a tree trunk).  Humata repens flourishes in a very humid environment, making this plant a great choice for any terrarium, vivarium, or bottle garden. 

I have grown Humata repens successfully in bright but indirect light, low level indirect light, partial shade, and shaded conditions.  Humata repens is such a sweet, easy going fern, there’s room for this fern in almost any terrarium!

I’ve grown Humata repens successfully inside a number of my terrariums.  I also have ferns that I have purchased as Humata repens, which look to me to be rather too large in size to be this particular, miniature-sized fern species.

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