Family: Asparagaceae

Countries: Africa, Mediterranean

Hyacinths are divinely fragrant bulbous plants that favour moist, but well drained soils and thrive when planted in a sunny or partially shaded spot.  If you’d like to grow hyacinths in your garden, you’ll find an array of Hyacinth cultivars available that produce pretty pastel toned flowers, as well as cultivars that produce vibrant, darker coloured pinks, reds, and blue coloured flowers.  Plant hyacinth bulbs from late summer to autumn, for garden flowers in March and April.

Heat treated, or prepared hyacinths are also available.  These bulbs can be planted in late summer to autumn, in a well drained compost or bulb fibre, or placed atop of hyacinth vases or bottles filled with water.  If you’re growing prepared hyacinths in water, ensure that the water stops just underneath the bulb and isn’t touching the bulb itself.  For best effect plant in large groups, and stagger your planting to provide flowers for a longer period; these prepared hyacinths flower indoors over Christmas and winter time, bringing the joy of their delicious fragrance to your home.

The Hyacinth in this featured image is Hyacinthus orientalis ‘White Pearl’.

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