Hymenorchis javanica

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Asia, Java

Hymenorchis javanica is a miniature, epiphytic orchid species, which is endemic to Java.

Hymenorchis javanica produces white, crystalline flowers, which feature a very attractive green central marking.  The flower’s petals display a fringed, serrated edge.  This miniature orchid species blooms for about six months of the year, the plants are usually in flower from spring to summertime.

Hymenorchids javanica is happy growing in intermediate conditions, with bright, filtered, indirect light.

To head straight to the White Orchid Trial update that was written as this Hymenorchis javanica specimen (the plant that you see pictured above) began to produce its flower buds, please click here.  Alternatively, if you would rather skip the update that features the flower buds forming, and wish to head straight to the trial update which was written as this same specimen opened its flowers for the first time, please click here.

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