Ilex crenata

Family: Aquifoliaceae

Countries: Asia, China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Thailand

Ilex crenata is a holly, but it’s so different to the more widely known holly tree which has much larger leaves, like other hollies, Ilex crenata is a slow growing evergreen shrub.  Ilex crenata has tiny leaves, the shrub creates a naturally dense form, which is suited to dwarf hedging – this plant’s common name is the Box leaf holly, as Ilex crenata is one of many plants that can be used as a replacement for box hedging.

Ilex crenata grows to a maximum height of about 3m (9.8ft) tall and around 2m (6.5ft) wide.  Plant Ilex crenata in well drained soil, in a position that enjoys full sun to partial shade.

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