Family: Aquifoliaceae

Countries: Africa, Americas, Argentina, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Central America, China, Colombia, England, Europe, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Mediterranean, North America, Scotland, South America, United Kingdom, Wales

Ilex is the latin name for the genus of plants we often refer to as hollies.  This is an interesting and diverse group of plants, that includes evergreen and deciduous plants, that form small shrubs, tall trees, and everything in between – depending on the Ilex species or cultivar grown.

Ilex are native plants of the United Kingdom, Europe, the Mediterranean, the Americas, China, North America, South East Asia, and other areas around the globe.

Ilex ‘Nellie R. Stevens’ has orange-red berries.

With such a vast range of Ilex species and cultivars available, there is bound to be a beautiful Ilex for your garden.  You’ll find a great many Ilex plants that are perfectly suited to growing in shade, cultivars that favour partial shade, as well as Ilex plants that thrive in brighter, sunnier conditions.  It’s always best to take the time to find an Ilex that’s suited to growing in the conditions you can offer your plants

As well as the Ilex aquifolium plants that traditionally adorn our Christmas cards with their red berries and spiked leaves, you’ll find many different forms of Ilex available, including cultivars with variegated and smooth, ovate leaves, without any prickles.  Ilex berries don’t have to be red – yellow, orange, green, brown, and black berried forms of Ilex exist.

You’ll find more information about Ilex in this article.

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