Jerusalem artichoke

Family: Asteraceae

Countries: Canada, North America, United States

Jerusalem artichokes are an easy to grow and incredibly delicious vegetable!  I’d describe Jerusalem artichokes as having a wonderful, smokey, savoury flavour, which is quite unlike any other vegetable, it really is yummy!

The one thing I must say early on, is that Jerusalem artichokes are such a strong growing vegetable, once you have grown Jerusalem artichokes in an area of your garden or allotment, it will take a year or two to dig out any volunteers that continue growing after your harvest is lifted.  So for ease of cultivation, Jerusalem artichokes are best planted in a permanent location, the plants grow to be at least 1.8m (6ft) tall, usually taller, so look for a location where they can be of benefit – where a windbreak or shade is desirable.

Plant Jerusalem artichoke tubers from February in milder areas, or from March to mid April in colder or more exposed areas of the country.  Jerusalem artichokes are a heavy cropping vegetable, even a small bed planted with two or three Jerusalem artichoke tubers will provide a good harvest.  After planting, cover the soil with a thick mulch of garden compost.

Jerusalem artichokes are ready to be harvested during the winter months, they are usually ready in early winter.  You can dig up and lift your harvest and replant as many tubers as you have space for at the same time – you don’t need to plant many tubers, this is a productive vegetable.  Cover the soil with a mulch of garden compost.

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