Family: Brassicaceae

Countries: Europe

Kohlrabi, also known by its botanical name of Brassica oleracea (Gongylodes Group), is an easy to grow, delicious vegetable.  It may look a little quirky, but kohlrabi is such a great vegetable!

Many cultivars of Kohlrabi are available.  You can grow both purple and green coloured kohlrabi.  Both colours look exactly the same when they’re prepared for eating.  The inside of kohlrabi is pale green/cream in colour.  It’s easy to prepare kohlrabi, you simply peel and cut away the tough outer skin.  Kohlrabi is delicious, it can be eaten raw or cooked.

Kohlrabi is a brassica, it’s easier to grow than many other brassicas, often succeeding when cabbages and cauliflowers fail.  Kohlrabi plants do sometimes attract cabbage white butterflies, who lay their eggs on the plants.  If you find this a problem, you can protect your plants by covering them with enviromesh.  Enviromesh can also protect kohlrabi from the cabbage root fly, which is another pest.

Sow Kohlrabi from March until August.  Sow direct where the plants are to grow, in sunshine or partial, dappled shade, 15cm (6″) apart, or further apart, if you’re growing a larger growing cultivar.

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