Lathyrus odoratus ‘Charlie’s Angel’

Family: Fabaceae

Lathyrus odoratus ‘Charlie’s Angel’ is a Spencer Sweet Pea cultivar, which was raised by Charles Hamner and introduced for sale in 1990.  The Royal Horticultural Society awarded ‘Charlie’s Angel’ an Award of Garden Merit in 1993, which has been retained ever since.  Lathyrus odoratus ‘Charlie’s Angel’ plants produce large, silvery-lilac-blue coloured flowers from late spring or early summertime, until the first frosts arrive in autumn.

Lathyrus odoratus ‘Charlie’s Angel’ is a hardy, annual climber that grows to around 2m (6.5ft) tall.  This is an ideal plant to grow up a wigwam, obelisk, or over a small arch.  Plant Lathyrus odoratus ‘Charlie’s Angel’ in a bright, sunny spot, in full sunshine or partial shade.  Be sure to site your plants in a prime position, close to a terrace or seating area, or alongside a pathway, so you can enjoy your sweet pea flowers’ sweetly scented, heady perfume.

Lathyrus odoratus ‘Charlie’s Angel’ produces pretty, lilac-blue ruffled flowers, which are quite similar in colour to Lathyrus odoratus ‘Bristol’ and Lathyrus odoratus ‘Naomi Nazareth’.  This is a lovely plant to grow for cut flowers, for exhibition, or just to enjoy in your garden!

Lathyrus odoratus ‘Charlie’s Angel’ is a very popular sweet pea cultivar, it is widely available and should be easy to find at your local nursery or garden centre.

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