Lathyrus x hammettii ‘Erewhon’

Family: Fabaceae

Lathyrus x hammettii ‘Erewhon’ was created after 30 years of plant breeding; a labour of love for Plant Breeder, Dr. Keith Hammett.  Bi-coloured sweet pea flowers usually display darker coloured standard petals and paler coloured wing petals.  Lathyrus x hammettii ‘Erewhon’ is a reverse bi-colour – with rosey-lilac pink coloured standard petals and lavender-blue-violet coloured wing petals.  The flowers are medium sized.  Thanks to their colouring, these sweet pea blooms really stand out in the garden; they add a unique touch and will pep up a vase, adding something new and different to a floral arrangement.

Like other sweet peas, Lathyrus x hammettii ‘Erewhon’ plants will require a wigwam, an obelisk, or a framework, to support the plants as they grow.  This is a hardy, annual climber that will grow to around 2m (6.5ft) tall.  For best results, plant Lathyrus x hammettii ‘Erewhon’ in a bright and sunny spot.  Plants do best in full sunshine, but they’ll also grow in light shade.

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