Family: Lamiaceae

Countries: Africa, Asia, Cape Verde, India

Plants from the genus Lavandula, are usually referred to as lavenders.  Lavandula features over forty species and hundreds of cultivars, each with their own special differences.  You’ll find white, pink, purple, and blue flowered lavenders, with plants bearing flowers of every shade of these tones, and each colour in between!

Lavender thrives when planted in well drained soil, where the plants will enjoy full sunshine and partial shade.  Lavender plants can flourish when grown in containers, planted in an open, free draining, peat-free compost, and placed in a very sunny spot.

If you want to grow lavender, I have found that plants are best planted in the spring, so as to avoid the winter wet and cold before the plants’ establishment.  Cuttings can be taken from late spring to early autumn.


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