Leptotes bicolor

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Brazil

Leptotes bicolor is a miniature epiphytic orchid species, which originates from Brazil and Paraguay, where this miniature orchid enjoys warm temperatures and humid conditions.

Plants produce beautiful, white flowers, which are large in size and enhanced with a vibrant shade of pink.  Leptotes bicolor flowers are often describes as beautifully fragrant.  I adore fragrant flowers and so I eagerly search for scent every time my Leptotes bicolor blooms, but I’ve never detected even a smidgen of scent from any of my Leptotes bicolor flowers.  The seed pods of Leptotes bicolor are edible, they can be used like vanilla, to flavour foods and drinks.

To head straight to the update for my Orchidarium, which was written as my Leptotes bicolor specimen came into flower for the very first time; where you can see photographs of this elegant orchid in bloom and find out more about this plant’s flowering, please click here.

To head straight to the next update for my Orchidarium, where you can see this same Leptotes bicolor specimen and discover how successful this plant’s second flowering was, please click here.

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