Leptotes unicolor

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Americas, Argentina, Brazil, South America

Leptotes unicolor is a miniature epiphytic orchid species that originates from Brazil and Argentina.  This is an easy going little orchid, that is happiest growing mounted on a branch, a stick, or a piece of cork bark; this miniature orchid favours growing in a location where the plant can bask in bright, but indirect light.  Leptotes unicolor flourishes in a range of temperatures, from cool to warm.

If you’re interested in growing Leptotes unicolor, I’d suggest you consider growing your plant mounted onto a piece of cork bark, a branch, or a stick, using a little flat moss to cushion your plant’s roots and to gently slow the evaporation of any water around the plant.  Water your Leptotes unicolor plant with rainwater and then monitor your plant – allow your plant’s roots to dry out before you mist or water your plant again.  This orchid likes a fairly humid environment, but Leptotes unicolor doesn’t wish to be too wet, this plant appreciates air movement around its roots and leaves.

My plant that you see pictured here is a much paler, whiter flowered form than many of the plants of this species, most of which produce pale pink or lavender coloured inflorescences.  Leptotes unicolor, produces hopelessly pretty lilac-pink coloured, lightly fragrant blooms, this is a very attractive orchid, which is much admired during the summer months, whilst it’s in bloom.

Minimum temperature 10C (50F).

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