Lilium ‘Twyford’

Family: Liliaceae

Lilium ‘Twyford’, is a vigorous new hybrid lily, which produces pretty pink flowers with a lovely scent.  This pollen-free, double flowered oriental lily is ideally suited to container growing.  If you’re thinking of ordering this lily, it’s important to remember that this plant requires an ericaceous compost or acid soil to grow successfully.

Lilium ‘Twyford’ produces double flowers, its many flower petals create an extended flowering period, as the flower’s first set of petals begin to fade, a new set of petals open.  The faded petals are naturally covered over and replaced by fresh new petals, the older petals fall as they finish.  This repeats many times, as each flower has many petals and the flowers continue to open as they bloom.  Hardy to -15 C.  Growing to 1m (40 inches) in height in its first year, extending to 1.2m (47 inches) in its second year.

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