Macroclinium chasei

Family: Orchidacea

Countries: Americas, Brazil, Peru, South America

Macroclinium chasei is a mini-miniature sized orchid species from Peru, Brazil, and Bolivia.  Another epiphyte – a plant that grows upon another plant, Macroclinium chasei plants produce small, fan shaped leaves and tiny white flowers.  Macroclinium chasei originates from a wet and very humid environment.  This diminutive Macroclinium species grows upon the twiggy branches and trunks of trees, growing in hot, evergreen, tropical forests.

This is not a very visible orchid; you’re unlikely to notice Macroclinium chasei plants in the wild, unless you stumbled across a host tree and experienced a very close encounter with this orchid.  I am grateful that Macroclinium chasei plants are not easy to find, as Macroclinium chasei is a rare and endangered orchid, a plant that needs our love and protection.  You might want to consider this plant’s scarcity before ordering Macroclinium chasei.

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