Macroclinium manabinum

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Americas, Ecuador, South America

Macroclinium manabinum is a miniature, epiphytic orchid species, which is endemic to Manabi in Ecuador, where this miniature sized orchid can be found growing upon trees, in forest areas.

Macroclinium manabinum favours growing in areas that enjoy warm to hot temperatures and filtered, diffused light.  This orchid grows in drier conditions than many other orchid species, making this plant a great choice for a drier, less humid environment.  Macroclinium manabinum requires less misting than many other orchid species, my plants are misted with rainwater early in the morning, to allow the plants to dry out before night fall.  The plants are misted every two to three days at most.

Macroclinium manabinum produces beautiful flowers, which vary in colour from pink, to lilac and purple.  The blooms are born in umbels, they are very interesting, as well as very attractive to look at.  The petals feature a pearlised iridescence, which can be seen when the flowers have fully opened.

I have grown Macroclinium manabinum successfully without a terrarium, this orchid grows very well indeed inside a terrarium with a fan.  To head straight to the terrarium update that shows Macroclinium manabinum in flower, and see photographs of this orchid species’ stunning inflorescences, please click here.

To see photographs of this same Macroclinium manabinum specimen’s second flowering, please click here.

To see photographs of this same Macroclinium manabinum specimen’s third flowering, please click here.

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