Mangetout ‘Golden Sweet’

Family: Fabaceae

Mangetout ‘Golden Sweet’ (also known by its botanical name of Pisum sativum ‘Golden Sweet’) is a tall growing variety of pea that produces attractive purple and cerise flowers, which are followed by lime-yellow or soft-lemon yellow coloured pea pods that if left to develop on the plant will eventually produce pale green peas.

Mangetout ‘Golden Sweet’ seeds can be sown outdoors in the UK from March to June; however in colder or more Northerly locations, it might be better to delay sowing seeds until April.  Peas prefer to grow in a bright and sunny location and require a moist, but well-drained soil.  Avoid sowing pea seeds on wet or water-logged soils or on compacted ground.

This is a tall growing, climning pea that will grow up to around 1.5-1.8m (5-6ft) tall.  Consequently, these peas will require a sturdy support system.  You could use twiggy pea sticks or wire fencing to support your plants – as long as your supports are taller than the eventual height of your plants and your plants have plenty of places for their tendrils to hold onto, either would be suitable.

This is a very decorative plant.  Mangetout ‘Golden Sweet’ produces attractive, colourful purple flowers that often turn blue before they fade, and greenish-yellow or soft-lemon yellow coloured pea pods.  The pea pods can be eaten when they are immature as mangetout, or left to grow on and mature to produce peas; both are also delicious!  Unlike the purple coloured Mangetout ‘Shiraz’, Mangetout ‘Golden Sweet’ pods retain their yellow colouring when cooked.

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