Mangetout ‘Golden Sweet’

Family: Fabaceae

Mangetout ‘Golden Sweet’ (also known by its botanical name of Pisum sativum ‘Golden Sweet’) is a tall growing variety of pea that produces attractive purple and cerise flowers, which are followed by lime-yellow coloured pea pods

Sow Mangetout ‘Golden Sweet’ seeds from mid February to June.  Peas prefer to grow in a bright and sunny location, but you can also grow this plant in a partially shaded spot.  This is a tall growing pea that will grow to 2m (6.5ft) tall; consequently, these peas will require a sturdy support system.  You could use twiggy pea sticks or wire fencing to support your plants – as long as your supports are taller than the eventual height of your plants, either would be suitable.

This is a very decorative plant.  Mangetout ‘Golden Sweet’ produces attractive, colourful flowers and greenish-yellow coloured pods.  The pea pods can be eaten when they are immature as mangetout, or left to grow on and mature when they’ll produce peas; both are also delicious.  Unlike the purple coloured Mangetout ‘Shiraz’, Mangetout ‘Golden Sweet’ pods retain their yellow colour when cooked.

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