Mangetout ‘Shiraz’

Family: Fabaceae

Mangetout ‘Shiraz’ (also known by its botanical name of Pisum sativum ‘Shiraz’) is a lovely and tall growing variety of pea that produces very pretty pink and cerise coloured flowers, which are followed by dark purple coloured pods.  The peas inside the pods are green and the purple pods magically turn from purple to green when you cook them!

This pea can be used as a mangetout pea, when the flat pods are eaten when young; or you can wait and allow the peas to form; both are delicious!  ‘Shiraz’ has much to recommend it – this is a very ornamental variety that will enhance your garden, or allotment, and provide a good harvest.

I adore this variety and highly recommend it, but I must warn you that if you grow this pea you’ll require tall supports, such as twiggy pea sticks or tall wire fencing to grow your plants well.  I often see Mangetout ‘Shiraz’ described as growing up to 1m (3.3ft) tall, but my plants have often reached 1.8m (6ft).  This pea will require a tall and sturdy support system, very tall twiggy pea sticks or an open wire fence would be ideal.

Mangetout ‘Shiraz’ produces a prolific crop of attractive purple pods that are easy to spot while harvesting.  Sow seeds from March to June (in the UK).

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