Masdevallia polysticta

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Americas, Ecuador, Peru, South America

Masdevallia polysticta is a miniature to small sized orchid species that hails from the cloud forests of Ecuador and Peru, where plants grow in very humid areas, in the mountains.  An epiphytical orchid species, Masdevallia polysticta grows upon other plants.

It’s important that Masdevallia polysticta plants remain moist and never dry out; they can be grown potted or mounted onto a piece of cork bark or other substrate, but this orchid species requires continual access to moisture if it’s to succeed.  Plants need to be grown in a very humid environment; they are ideally suited to the conditions found inside a terrarium, vivarium, or bottle garden.

Masdevallia polysticta thrives in bright but indirect light; avoid harsh or intense lighting, which may damage this orchid’s leaves.  This is a cool to cold growing orchid species, that flourishes in temperatures from 10-20C (50-68F).

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