Maxillaria acutifolia

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Americas, Central America, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, North America, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezeula

Maxillaria acutifolia is a small and compact orchid species from: Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Leeward Islands, Mexico, Venezula, Trinidad and Tobago.  From winter to springtime, mature Maxillaria acutifolia plants produce these very cute yellow-orange coloured flowers, which are fragrant and have a nice scent.  The blooms are held low down at the base of the plant, underneath the leaves; however the blooms aren’t completely obscured and the flowers can be easily admired.

This orchid species thrives in cool to intermediate temperatures that range from around 15-26C (60-80F) during the daytime, and night time temperatures that tend to be in the region of 10-18C (50-65F).  Plants like to dry out a little between waterings.  Maxillaria acutifolia plants also require a slightly drier winter rest period to replicate the conditions they enjoy in their natural habitat.

In the wild, Maxillaria acutifolia grows as an epiphytic orchid; plants can be found growing upon trees in wet montane forest areas.  These orchids flourish in bright, indirect light and the plants benefit from being watered with rainwater and fertilised with a specially developed orchid fertiliser.  Only fertilise orchids that are in active growth and use a weak solution of fertiliser, as these plants do not receive high doses of nutrients in their natural environment.

Maxillaria acutifolia plants can be grown in small containers of bark or alternatively, Maxillaria acutifolia plants can be mounted onto pieces of cork bark, tree fern, or similar.

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