Microsaccus griffithii

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Asia, Borneo, Cambodia, Indonesia, Java, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Sumatra, Thailand, Vietnam

Microsaccus griffithii is a mini miniature sized orchid species from Borneo, Cambodia, Java, Myanmar, Malaysia, the Philippines, Sumatra, Thailand, and Vietnam.  This gorgeous orchid is an epiphyte; it grows upon another plant and does very well when mounted onto a piece of cork bark, a branch or a twig.

This miniature orchid thrives in intermediate temperatures.  Place your Microsaccus griffithii plant in a position where your plant will enjoy soft, indirect light.  Avoid placing your plant in a position where harsh, bright afternoon sunlight might scorch your plant’s leaves.

Microsaccus griffithii requires frequent misting, with at least one watering a day, as an absolute minimum.  This miniature orchid grows best in a very humid environment, where the humidity won’t ever fall below 75%RH.  Humidity levels of 80%RH are ideal.  Plants grow best in continually damp conditions, they don’t want to dry out.

This miniature orchid has such an attractive form.  Plants have a strong resemblance to Angraecum distichum, although their flowers are quite distinct –Microsaccus griffithii flowers have a more pointed appearance, they look a little like a Christmas tree that’s been turned on its side.  Microsaccus griffithii flowers from early spring through until the autumn.

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