Narcissus ‘Bright Jewel’

Family: Amaryllidaceae

Narcissus ‘Bright Jewel’ is a brightly coloured daffodil with yellow petals and a red-orange trumpet.  This is a really vibrantly coloured flower that stands out across the garden.

I love scented flowers, so I was happy to discover that Narcissus ‘Bright Jewel’ produces lightly scented flowers with a delicate, yet pleasing fragrance.  The scent has a definite hint of aniseed to its perfume – this aniseed character was something I was struck by, each time I encountered Narcissus ‘Bright Jewel’ in the garden.

If you want to grow this daffodil, remember to order Narcissus ‘Bright Jewel’ bulbs in summertime or autumn.  Plant your daffodil bulbs as soon as you can after they arrive.  If you’re planting in containers, use peat-free compost or plant directly in the soil, in your garden’s beds and borders.

My Narcissus ‘Bright Jewel’ bulbs were given to me by Dutch Grown.

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