Narcissus ‘Keats’

Family: Amaryllidaceae

Narcissus ‘Keats’ is a double flowered daffodil cultivar, from Division 4 of the Royal Horticultural Society’s Daffodil Classification System.

Narcissus ‘Keats’ produces attractive white flowers that display an unusual double, lemon yellow coloured centre.

Please excuse my lack of photograph to illustrate this daffodil cultivar’s plant page – I have ordered bulbs of this daffodil cultivar for three or four years running, but each year another daffodil has been incorrectly sent in its place, so I have yet to grow the correct cultivar!  I ordered bulbs of Narcissus ‘Keats’ for my 2017 and 2018 Daffodil Trials, I was disappointed to not be able to include this daffodil in these trials.  I hope to grow Narcissus ‘Keats’ in future, when I will update this page with photographs and more information!

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